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Vivekanandha College of Engineering for Women - Tamilnadu | R - 19 | Sem - 1

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5 Units         39 Chapters         407 Solved Problems

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Course Curriculum

label_important1. DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS (9 Free Videos)

        9 Chapters | 108 solved Problems

label_important2. FUNCTIONS OF SEVERAL VARIABLES (8 Free Videos)

        8 Chapters | 72 Solved Problems

label_important3. INTEGRAL CALCULUS (6 Free Videos)

        6 Chapters | 79 Solved Problems

label_important4. MUTIPLE INTEGRALS (7 Free Videos)

        7 Chapters | 79 Solved Problems

label_important5. ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS (9 Free Videos)

        9 Chapters | 69 Solved Problems


 Course Objective:

  • Provide the information about Review of limits, continuity and differentiability.
  • Understand maxima and minima of functions of two variables.
  • Demonstrate Integral calculus.
  • Identify the problems based on area, surface and volume.
  • To Recognize the Second order linear differential equations.

Course Outcome:

  • CO1: Apply Mean value theorem and Taylor’s theorem. K1,K3
  • CO2: Analyze Total derivative. K2,K4
  • CO3: Formulate Reduction Formulae. K3,K5
  • CO4: Translate Change of order of integration. K2,K5
  • CO5: Apply method of variation of parameters. K3,K5


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